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Roulette Rules


Roulette is a fascinating game that provides exciting action. It is played with a wheel, a small ivory ball, and a betting layout. The wheel turns on a spindle and is divided into 38 (American wheels) slots. 36 of the slots are numbered from 1 through 36, of which half are red and the other black. There are also two green slots marked 0 and 00.
Players place bets against the house on the layout. Once the total amount placed on the layout exceeds the minimum bet the ball is tossed into the wheel. When the ball comes to a rest in one of the slots the bets are settled. Player cannot wager more than the maximum bet in any one round of the game. Minimum and maximum bets are posted in the lower right corner of the screen.
Losing bets are cleared from the layout and winning bets are settled according to the following table:


Bets Placed on: (one of which wins) Odds paid
Single number 35 to-1
Any of the 12 numbers in the horizontal row 2 to-1
Split (two numbers) 17 to-1
Vertical row (three numbers) 11 to-1
Corner (four numbers) 8 to-1
Six numbers in two adjacent vertical rows 5 to-1
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Column 2 to-1
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dozen 2 to-1
Five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6 to-1
Low Half, High Half, Black, Red, Even, Odd 1 to-1

For example, if you have a winning bet of $20 on a single number (35-to-1) you will get back your original bet of $20 plus 35 times your bet of $20 which is $700. As another example, If you have a winning bet of $100 on color Red (1-to-1) you will get back your original bet of $100 plus another $100 of winnings.

The chips placed below show all types of bets.

How to Play:

Before starting Roulette make sure that you are 
connected to the Internet .
After establishing connection, Roulette will prompt you to identify yourself. If this is your first time and you do not yet have a Nickname press "New Player" button.

You can always play with no value ZERO chips for FREE. No real money is involved when playing with ZERO chips. ZERO chips cannot be wagered along with real monetary chips in the same round of the game.

You can buy real chips and play with real money at any time by clicking on the "Buy Chips" button.
You can exchange your chips back for money at any time by clicking on the "Cash Out" button. Chips come in $1, $5, $10 denominations. If you need to exchange chips of one denomination (for example, a $10 chip) to chips of another denomination (for example, 2 $5 chips) drag the chips between the corresponding stacks (for example, from $10 stack to $5 stack). If the stack you are dragging to is empty (for example, you are out of $5 chips) drag the chip so that it covers number "0" displayed at the bottom of the empty stack. At that point release the mouse button and a $10 chip will turn into two $5 chips. If you have chosen an "off-line" option at some point and wish to get back on-line and play with real money click on "LOGIN" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

To make a bet, pick a number of chips you wish off the stack using a mouse, drag it to where you would like to place it and release the mouse button to drop the chips. You can move and adjust bets until the "no more bets" is announced and "NO MORE BETS" is displayed in the status board at the bottom of the screen.

Maximum and Minimum bets:

Maximum and Minimum bets are posted in the right lower area of the screen. The ball does not start rolling until minimum bet is placed. Player is not allowed to wager more than a maximum bet on any one round of the game. Player is responsible for the correct positioning of his/her bets on the layout.


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