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Slots Rules
Slot machines (also known as "one-armed bandits") are a thrilling game that lets you win many times more than your bet.

To play the slot machine just drop chips into the slot and pull the handle or click SPIN button to rotate the reels. You can drop as many chips as you wish into the slot but only one chip is played by default. You can click "BET ONE" button to increase your bet by one chip. The maximum number of chips that can be played in one round is three. You can click "BET MAX" button to bet three chips right away. If you wish to get back the chips that are in the machine but have not been played yet click on "CASH OUT" button on the machine.

Payouts are as shown in the table on top of the machine. For example, if you play one chip (coin) in a US$.50 slot machine and all triple-bars line up, you will receive 80 chips (coins of US$.50) which is US$40.00 of your winnings.



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